Zonit Mirco Automatic Transfer Switch

The Zonit Z-ATS Micro is the world’s smallest and most efficient automatic transfer switch for data center equipment. Designed specifically to overcome the challenges of single corded devices, the Micro automatically switches from the primary power source (A) to the backup source (B) as needed. With the Micro, you can guarantee redundant power to connected devices at all times.


  • The Z-ATS Micro supplies A and B redundant power to single corded devices
  • The Z-ATS Micro can switch between A and B power sources at any phase angle, even 180 degrees out of phase
  • The Z-ATS Micro is a one-to-one solution, so each component uses its own Z-ATS Micro
  • The Z-ATS Micro is zero U
  • The Z-ATS Micro can be deployed in 15 to 30 seconds
  • As with all Zonit products, Z-ATS comes with an industry-leading, 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Provides A+B power redundancy for single-corded devices
  • Transfers at any phase angle on the A or B power feed, minimizing the risk of human error
  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Does not take up valuable rack space

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