Self Tracing Copper Patch Leads

Maintaining adequate underfloor static pressure is one of the most important aspects for successful cooling of the data centre. ReadyTec offers brush grommet is intended for new or existing installations to seal floor cut-outs before or after the installation of power or communication cables. “Bypass air” is conditioned air that does not reach the intake of IT equipment. The elimination or reduction of “bypass air” is essential to the successful operation of the cooling dynamics of the data centre. Our brush grommets are the economical choice in raised floor grommets.

Meeting the ever-growing need to quickly and easily identify and trace network connectionsin today’s high-density andmission-critical infrastructure environments.

  • Meets Category 6/6A Component testing
  • 100% Factory Tested and Performance Certified
  • Multi functional button
  • Custom designed over molded boot
  • Extra-bright LED for all lighting conditions
  • No additional or external tools or power supplies required
  • US Patented

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