Rackmount Enclosure

Universal Rack Mount Fibre Optical Enclosure

FibreBox offers the universal 1RU Rack Mount Fibre Optical Enclosure with 4 slots FAPs. This provides a comprehensive line of fibre distribution within the one enclosure which is a flexible and modular system for managing fibre terminations, connections, and patching in all applications. FibreBox provides a durability enclosure as a perfect solution for the termination and distribution of Fibre for the professional.

This enclosure is available in a host of configurations and connector variants. A broad range of adapter plates, versatile cassette mounting and excellent cable management internally & for entering cables, all combine to offer a tailored solution for your needs. This enclosure employs a modular approach ranging from MTP cassettes, pre-terminated cables to splicing fibre. Coupled with the unit’s compact size, the Universal Rack enclosure is suited to a range of installation requirements making it unique to the market

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged powder coated aluminium and steel construction ensures product durability
  • Screen printed panels and enclosure facia offer excellent port labelling & identification
  • Range of panel and faceplate options to suit a broad variety of fibre types and adapter style
  • Compact size offers excellent versatility even in shallow cabinets and racks
  • Shallow enclosure depth suitable for shallow racks to tray internals.

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