Cable Management

ReadyTec’s Cable Management Solutions are mostly used to organise the cables in your rack installation and eliminate cable stress for most optimum performance. Rack cable management covers a range of products used to manage and organise network cables within a server rack cabinet.

  • Bend Radius Compliance
  • Reduced cooling and airflow restriction
  • Improved maintenance and serviceability

1RU Metal Brush Manager

  • Brush Management Panel
  • Restricts and controls air flow
  • Cables can pass through brushes neatly.

1RU 5 Metal Ring Cable Manager

  • Cable Management Panel
  • Horizontal Ringed
  • Rings and manager made from steel.

10 Slot lead Manager (wall mount)

  • 10 Slots
  • Wall mount
  • Slot spacing: 10mm

1RU Cable Tidy Manager

  • Cable Tidy Management Panel
  • Ideal for crossing from one side of the cabinet to the other

Rear Cable Support Manager

  • Rear cable management bar
  • Strain relief bar extends 440 mm off the rack; supports, manages, and provides proper bend radius protection.

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