Self Tracing Fibre Patch Leads

The EVO range of patch cords are revolutionary patented leads that will remove the hand-over-hand tracing of patch leads forever.Saving hours of tracing and confirm the lead before any disconnection occurs.Trace button at each end of the lead with a bright LED flashing light.With a 3V dry cell battery and patented circuit boards in each lead, everything is in-built.

Meeting the ever-growing need to quickly and easily identifyand trace network connectionsin today’s high-density and mission-critical infrastructure environments.

The all new self-tracing fibre patch leads Gen II comes with exciting new features. LC Duplex Uniboot style with 2.9mm round cableA simple and easy way to Reverse Polarity

Smart & Reliable – Bendable Optical Fiber

The industry standard duplex fiber connector meets EIA/TIA 604-2 with ceramic ferrule for high speed cabling networks.

Bend Insensitive Fiber Optic Cable Structure

A unique refractive trench with low refractive index glass layer in BIF, which reduces in light dispersion upon twisting and bending, ensuring network transmission stably and fast.

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