Australian made pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies

At ReadyTec, we provide end-to-end solutions for the needs of any fibre optic and communications project. ReadyTec pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies are an ideal solution for overcoming on-site splicing constraints or where field termination is impractical and overly time-consuming.

Furthermore, factory terminated cable assemblies are fully tested and inspected, providing guaranteed reliability. ReadyTec pre-terminated fibre optic cables can be manufactured with any connector type, and with a wide variety of fibre core counts, indoor and outdoor cable, and to any specified length.

Pre-terminated cables offer the advantage of reduced time and cost associated with on-site cable breakout and connector terminations. They are ideally suited where narrow installation time-frames are applicable or on-site terminations are hazardous or pose OH&S issues.

Australian made<br />
pre-terminated fibre<br />
optic cable assemblies
pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies


  • ILarge range of cable and connector options to suit a variety of applications
  • IHigh quality, machine polished connectors for consistent low loss performance
  • IReduced equipment cost, training and skill base required for installation
  • IFaster and less disruptive installations

Our local Australian manufacturing and termination facilities mean we can provide you with the highest quality network infrastructure components in fast turn around times. We use only the best quality components, and all of our assemblies are factory tested and inspected. Our logistics and delivery capabilities mean that we can have orders shipped quickly Australia wide.

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