Brush Grommets

Maintaining adequate underfloor static pressure is one of the most important aspects for successful cooling of the data centre. ReadyTec offers brush grommet is intended for new or existing installations to seal floor cut-outs before or after the installation of power or communication cables. “Bypass air” is conditioned air that does not reach the intake of IT equipment. The elimination or reduction of “bypass air” is essential to the successful operation of the cooling dynamics of the data centre. Our brush grommets are the economical choice in raised floor grommets.

  • Promotes Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle best practices

  • Increases overall room cooling capacity

  • Increases the underfloor static pressure

  • Improves airflow where it is needed

  • Can be used on new or existing Data Centre


The Integral Grommet is designed to work with new raised-floor system installations prior to the installation of communication or power. Great to block bypass airflow and maximize cooling system efficiency before and after cable installation.

Split Integral

The Split Integral Grommets allow tiles to be moved without capturing cables. This grommet is designed to seal cable openings in new raised-floor systems prior or after the installation of communication or power cabling which works great in existing data halls.

Split Round

The Split Round allows product installation or removal without disturbing cables. Designed to seal openings in new and existing raised floor cut outs to block bypass airflow and maximize cooling system efficiency.

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