Fibre Optic Pigtails

Fibre optic pigtail assemblies are utilised in terminating fibre optic cables via fusion or mechanical splicing.

High-quality pigtails combined with correct fusion splicing practices offer the best performance possible for fibre optic cable terminations. FibreBox manufactures and supplies a broad range of pigtails in a variety of connector styles and fibre modes. All pigtails are factory tested and guaranteed. Factory-based assembly and machine connector polishing ensures great performance, intermatebility and durability.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to strip tight buffer lowers fibre damage or breakage during installation
  • Standards based testing and insertion/return loss ensures guaranteed results
  • Geometry compliant precision connectors ensure repeatable low loss results
  • Variety of connector types and fibre modes available to match your fibre network
  • Standards compliant fibre buffer
  • All packages come supplied with test results for each individual fibre termination
  • Low smoke zero halogen buffer ensures pigtails are suitable for a range of indoor environments
  • RoHS compliant.

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