Legrand LCS3 Rack Solutions

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. The Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services tailored to residential, commercial and industrial applications. The scope of its offering and its leading positions make Legrand a worldwide benchmark.

One of the Legrand specialist brands, SJ Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of racks, Voice-Data-Image racks and related products for Data Centers. SJ Manufacturing controls the process from initial design through to distribution and deliveries, ensuring high standards are maintained at every stage of production to bring you quality products guaranteed to last. Under the Data Center business, SJ Manufacturing specialises in the design and manufacture of containment solutions, 19” networking and server racks, outdoor IP 55 aluminium racks, and PDUs.

With a wide range of housing solutions for data centers and server rooms, Legrand Data Center Solutions are perfectly suited for the installation of servers, switches, patch panels, routers and storage equipment. Flexibility and sustainability are the keywords in the design. What rack best suits your needs greatly depends on its intended application. Explore the different types of racks meant for Server & Network racks, Switching & Routing racks, Co-location racks and Integration racks here.

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