HD MTP Cable System

HD MTP Fibre Optic Rackmount Tray

The FibreBox MTP cabling system, due to its modularity, offers installers and operators reduced time & effort for installations, modification and maintenance of a structured communication cabling for today´s and future demands of data centres (acc. to EN50173-5:2007 and ISO/IEC 24764:2010). In order to offer the highest quality plug and play solution available we choose to only supply the US Conec MTP Elite connectors in the range of products.

  • Promotes Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle best practices

  • Increases overall room cooling capacity

  • Increases the underfloor static pressure

  • Improves airflow where it is needed

  • Can be used on new or existing Data Centre

HD MTP Cassettes

FibreBox MTP rack mountable Fibre Optic Break Out Panel is a 1RU panel accepting up to 4 x MTP cassettes offering a range of fibre densities from 12 through to 96 fibre core applications. Many cassette configurations are available and can be supplied separately or within the enclosure as a kitted item with the cassettes already installed, labelled and wired as needed. This enclosure and cassettes combine the strength of steel with a quality powder coated finish

MTP Assemblies

Offering customizable fibre-optic assemblies pre-terminated with MTP male or female connectors simplify your fibre deployment. With our high-performance factory-terminated and factory-tested MTP assemblies, you can connect up to 12 fibres in a snap — saving on time, labour and troubleshooting compared to field-terminated fibre cables. Various cable types, sizes, core counts and colours are available and fan out cables can be manufactured with varying style of simplex or duplex fibre connectors at one end.

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