Raised Floor Tools

The Standard in Floor Panel Lifting

All-Vac line of Vacu Lifter hand tools set the standard for floor panel lifting, and All-Vac continue to offer new exciting products for the ever growing and changing access flooring industry.

All-Vac have learned that a simple design that is lightweight and strong makes for the best lifter for your raised flooring panels and tiles. The die cast aluminium handle of our Double 5″ and Double 4″ cup models offers comfort and strength. The dual rubber vacuum suction cups with internal concentric rings ensure a strong vacuum hold.
You no longer have to kneel down and lift access floor tiles from an awkward position. The Verti-Lifter allows you to safely and easily lift and slide raised floor tiles from a standing position. The Verti-Lifter is finely designed to be lightweight, simple to use and portable, while still being rugged.

You will find that it makes repeated lifting of raised floor tile panels fast, easy and safe.

Locking Lever Suction Cup Lifters Offer Strengthened Hold

All-Vac’s Locking Lever Suction Cup Lifters offer a different design and alternate benefits from its line of Vacu-Lifter Floor Tile Puller.

These powerful lifters offer a strengthenedhold by utilizing lever actuated suction cups.Used by professionals working with glassand polished stone, their low profile and versatility make them perfect for lifting andcarrying an access floor panel for short distances.

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