Drop Away Panels


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The Drop Away Roof Panels make up a drop panel roof system which is deployed in the event of a fire. These panels drop out of their frames when the temperature reaches 60° degrees which allow the fire suppression system to fully distribute the suppressant. Riser panels are available to accommodate different height cabinets and to increase work space in the aisle. Custom and standard sizes are available for purchase to fit any aisle configuration.


  • Light Weight
  • Modular Design
  • Clear Panels
  • Fire Rated
  • Heat Activated 60° Degrees

Physical characteristics:

Size: 600mm x 1200mm

Colour: Translucent

Material: Feather-Light, recyclable, 3.96mm thick rigid vinyl

Weight: 34 grams

Project: 0.13'' from the face of the tile

Recess: 0.30'' from the face of the tile

STC: 10

STC (with Soniguard): 13

NRC: 30%

NRC (with AcoustoTherm): 45%

LRV: 50.00

R-value (with Acoustotherm): 0.89

Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 600.0 × 999.99 × 3.96 cm

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