Red RackStuds – Pack of 100 (2.2mm 14 Gauge)


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A clever alternative to cage nuts, RackStuds go in from the front to simplify installations. Easy to use, even on racks that have been populated or already in position with side panels installed. No tools needed and won’t cut your finger tips! Designed to fit EIA square punched vertical rails with 9.5mm (3/8″) holes. Rack studs can accommodate variations in this size between 9.3mm (0.366″) and 9.8mm (0.385″).


  • Includes 100 RackStuds.
  • Tool free installation.
  • Holds goods in place while you install.
  • Non-conductive.
  • Supports rail thickness up to 2.2mm, maximum 4mm face plate thickness.
  • Universally interchangeable with cage nut screws.
  • Install easily, easy on the fingertips.


  • Material: High-grade polymer construction.
  • Colour: Red, black, yellow.
  • Push in Strength: 46kg
  • Pull out Strength: 92kg
  • Shear Strength: 156kg
  • Rated Shear Strength: 20kg

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